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Basic B

The Basic B is our minimalist, yet well-appointed rifle that makes it easy to get behind the TOR and send rounds downrange.  The Baisc B from tooth to tail starts with Unbranded AR's 223 Wylde chamber, M16 Nitride BSG, A2 flash hider, 15" MLok free-float handguard, M4 feed ramps, and mid-length gas system with a 16" barrel. The TOR lower is completed with Magpul's MOE fixed stock and carbine length buffer tube, spring and buffer kit. The Basic Bravo comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and lifetime warranty.



The TOR 1 was designed to be the best out of the box value in precision AR-15s. The TOR has several advantages over traditional trigger implementations, allowing shooters maximum control by employing the strongest digit on the hand. Additionally force applied to the trigger is inline with the shooter's center of aim, opposed to traditional left or light error common with the traditional trigger pull.

  • Shortened learners curve for new shooters

  • Increased dexterity in cold weather conditions

  • Trigger guard completely encases the trigger which eliminates the chance of snagging the trigger in brush or dense vegetation

  • Alternative to standard trigger design for disabled shooters


$999.99 Regular Price
$750.00Sale Price

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