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Want to build the AR of your dreams? Then the IHF Stripped Lower is for you! Build onto our 7075 hard anodized lower complete with IHF's patent pending fire control system and StarFire billet aluminum grip.  The Stripped Lower comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and lifetime warranty



The TOR model has several advantages over traditional trigger implementations, allowing shooters maximum control by employing the strongest digit on the hand. Additionally force applied to the trigger is inline with the shooters center of aim, opposed to traditional left or light error common with traditional trigger pull.

  • Shortened learners curve for new shooters

  • Increased dexterity in cold weather conditions

  • Trigger guard completely encases the trigger which eliminates the chance of snagging the trigger in brush or dense vegetation

  • Alternative to standard trigger design for disabled shooters

T.O.R. 1 Lower (Stripped)

  • Material:
    7075 Aluminum (Lower Receiver)
    4140 Steel (trigger and safety parts)
    Receiver (Hard Black Anodized)
    Trigger and Safety Parts (Standard Machine Finish)


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